Our History

The congregation of the Oliver Alliance Church began officially on January 17, 1964 with the signing of “Application for Active Membership” by the original 17 charter members.

The charter members were:

Mrs. Irene Dyck, Mr. Isaac Dyck, Mrs. Hilda Fefchak, Mr. Joseph Fefchak, Mrs. Elizabeth Janzen, Miss Gertrude Janzen, Mr. Authur Magnus, Mrs. Mary Magnus, Miss Margaret Magnus, Miss Maxine Magnus, Mr. Ted Magnus, Mr. Victor Magnus, Mrs. T. Sperling, Mr. Ray Sperling, Mrs. Florence Strilaiff, Mr. William Strilaiff, Mrs. Anna Von Niesses.

The congregation first met at the Oliver Legion Hall and later on in the lower Masonic Hall. Donald Sylvester was the first pastor from September 1964 to January 1965. Plans for the first church building on Park Avenue got underway in May 1963. Construction began in the fall of 1965. The building was built by volunteer labour under the supervision of William O’Reilly, the Pastor at the time was Eric Berg. Other Pastors serving in that building were Floyd Gruneau, Orlin Craig, Percy Barley, Ervin Jane, Robert Waters, Ken Cooke, and Ralph Rintisch.

The church, 1966

Pastor Robert Waters, with the help of Bill Guenther, located and claimed the current site at 36853 99 Street for the church by walking around the property a with a prayer of faith. During the term of Pastor Ralph Rintisch, the congregation planned a church building on this sizable piece of property adjacent to Highway 97. Under the supervision of Dave Durocher, the building was erected using both volunteer and paid help. It was dedicated in May, 1990.

After Pastor Ralph Rintisch, Pastor Henry Wiebe became Senior pastor. The congregation continued to grow so that an Associate Pastor, Gerry Dargatz also served until 1994 when he was appointed to Cote d’Ivoire and replaced by Ken Simon.

Upon Henry Wiebe’s retirement, Pastor David Kornelsen served with Pastor Tim Hall as Associate Pastor after Ken Simon. Tim Hall served the congregation for 5 years and then Steve McLean took over the position as Associate Pastor for the next 4 years. Most recently, Dave Reid served ¬†as Associate Pastor for 2 1/2 years.

Church Program
 Pastor Eric Berg A Church Program from 1979 (click to view)
The original Oliver Alliance Church building opened in 1966 on Park Drive, now 79th Street, across the street from the Oliver Arena. It had eight classrooms, kitchen facilies and seating for 175 people.The church offices were located in an adjacent building, now a private residence.
Joe Fefchuk at Camp Arrowhead