iPod Users Help

Once the sermon file has been downloaded from your web browser, open iTUNES (a free download for Mac and PC users (download location).

Once iTUNES is open, select FILE, choose IMPORT, and then find the sermon file on the desktop in your file menu system (or other location you saved it to), select the sermon and then select CHOOSE.

By default iTUNES will put the sermon file in your MUSIC LIBRARY. For ease of finding the file once it is on your iPOD, create a music album and label it OACsermons (or other desired name). Choose the music library (top left icon in iTUNES). In the search menu on the top right of the open window type in OAC, and you will see the search results return any imported sermons in the search results. Now, simply drag and drop the sermon into the music folder “OACsermons”.

When you connect your iPOD, simply drag and drop the “OACsermon” folder from the iTUNES music folder section ONTO the icon of the iPOD. Now, the sermons will be conveniently located in this folder from the Music–> Playlist –> OACsermon of your iPOD